Seven Days Until Kansas Airstrip Attack and South Texas Airstrip Attack Round Up

South Texas Airstrip Attack was a huge success with drivers and spectators turning out in big numbers to watch all the fun of the half mile. We would like to extend our thanks to H.E.B for their continued support of the event they made the event bigger and better than ever with their amazing community of staff and customers. 

Kansas is just seven days away, we are excited to return to the city of Independence, Kansas. We would like to thank Kansas Corn for returning as title sponsor for the Kansas Airstrip Attack.

Microtel the host hotel is already sold out, so we recommend people book at 

Comfort Suites, 3000 W Main St, Independence, KS 67301

+1 855-229-5934

Set up day is 12-5pm on Friday 31st May

Tickets to race and tickets to spectate are still available at

Ethanol fuel will be sold at the event by Hoosier Performance

Contact to preorder or arrange pick up over the weekend.

We welcome Newton Oil as Gold Sponsor Airstrip Attack. Newton Oil has been family-owned and operated since 1976. They specialize in diesel, gasoline, and racing fuel, along with PCO, heavy duty, and industrial lubricants. The latest product addition to our Dragon Racing Fuel line is the new Hoosier Performance E85. We’ve partnered with the Indiana Corn Marketing Councilthe Hooligan Brothers, and Indy’s Garage to launch the best performing ethanol based fuel in racing today, Hoosier Performance E85.

RestoreMasters is coming on board as a sponsor for Kansas Airstrip attack, they have been serving communities across the nation since 2006, RestoreMasters is the trusted choice among commercial property owners and homeowners for world-class roofing & restoration services. With emergency response teams in place, RestoreMasters can provide quick roofing services to hotels, resorts, condominiums, apartment complexes, churches, restaurants, retail, office, industrial buildings & more.

SuperRowl is back for the third year, high paced bracket roll racing is an intense battle to claim the purse. Each year this has been a huge crowd favorite that takes us all back to the street racing roots. 

We are happy to announce the continued 1/8th no prep at the Kansas Airstrip Attack. Now going into its second year this event is a fast paced fun event for local street racers to come out and compete against each other. If you want to come out and compete please send an email to and we will be happy to direct you to the competition organizers. 

Saturday night car show will be on the cross streets of W Main and S Pennsylvania. If you route to Sawyers Wine 101 W Main St, Independence, KS 67301 you will see the entrance to the public car show. We encourage everyone to come down with their cars, it’s a great local turn out and an awesome way to meet the fans. 

Everyone is welcome to join us at Uncle Jacks Bar and Grill, 104 N Pennsylvania Ave, Independence, KS for drinks and food.