Point Series Guide

Introducing the Airstrip Attack Point Series!

This is where you’ll find all the details and info related to the governance of the Airstrip Attack Point Series.

Looking for the point series standings?

Shift-S3ctor welcomes the 2023 Airstrip Attack season championship! We will be crowning a champion in each of our classes listed below with cash and product prizes.

Class breakdown

A huge thank you to our presenting season trophy sponsors: CSF Cooling, Ignite Racing Fuel, Forgeline Forged Alloy Wheels, Pacific Sun Financial, Kuttek Works, Indiana Corn Marketing Council, and Formica Law Group.

AWD presented by CSF Cooling: Four Wheel Drivetrain 

2WD: Front Wheel or Rear Wheel Drivetrain

Manual presented by Forgeline Forged Alloy Wheels: Manual transmissions and clutch, no sequential transmissions. No limitation on number of gears (i.e. 7-Speed manual is OK).   

Sedan presented by Pacific Sun Financial: Vehicles with at least four doors. Wagons and SUV’s permitted so long as they have a minimum of four doors

Naturally Aspirated presented by  Kuttek Works: Naturally aspirated motors only. No power-adders permitted (turbochargers, superchargers, nitrous, electric motors).

Ethanol presented by Indiana Corn Marketing Council

Motorcycle presented by Formica Law Group


The winners of each class will earn the following at the close of the season:

 1st Place – $3000 cash + sponsor prizes

2nd Place – $1000 cash + sponsor prizes

The winner does not need to be present to collect his championship trophy or prize. 

*Cash and Product Payouts subject to adjustment due to a change in number of events or unforeseen circumstances* 

Point Accumulation

The winner of the season is an accumulation of points earned per event. The points breakdown is as listed below. Points are allocated at the conclusion of each day, each event.

1st Place: 10 points

2nd Place: 6 points

3rd & 4th Place: 4 points

5th – 10th Place: 1 points


In the case of a tie, the winner is based on who finished highest in the last event. For example, 2 drivers are tied, whoever placed highest in the most recent event wins the season championship.


Each Airstrip Attack event will continue to extend 1st and 2nd place trophies, per event to each of the event classes.