How to Spectate

Why Airstrip Attack?

Come see some of the fastest street cars in the country battling it out and pushing their limits on an airport runway. This family-friendly event brings the local community together to see some of these incredible machines doing what they were designed to do. The event gives your entire group the opportunity to see these cars up close and personal, as well as talk to the drivers and teams.

Let's Goooo!

Do you love speed and sick cars?

Hell yes, and we do too! So much that we created an entire event series dedicated to sick cars and speed.

Some people enjoy fast cars parked in lots. Others enjoy watching fast cars rip at full throttle down a runway. Which one are you?

If you answered “parking lots”, then this event isn’t for you. Just saying.

Imagine: walking the pits and getting up close and personal with the cars and chatting with the drivers.

Open and free to engage is the environment we promote at Airstrip Attack.  The pits are completely open to all spectators so when your favorite car is done making a pass on the runway, they return to the pit row and then’s your chance to chat with the driver about your dream car! 

Want to spend an entire weekend hanging with your race car friends at one of the coolest race car events in the country?

We know that coming to these events isn’t all about watching race cars rip on the runway. It’s about the people you meet, the conversations you have, the friendships you build and the overall experience. We built Airstrip Attack for our love of the scene and hanging with our race car friends. Come join us and lets us show you how we get down!

Concerned about COVID-19?

It’s a valid concern. The world is a strange place these days, but despite all this, we know what people want, and what people need. It’s our goal to be socially responsible, help protect our community, and to ensure everybody can have a safe and fun experience. Each event’s rules & requirements are different. If you have specific questions related to our stance on COVID-19, you can reach out to us here.

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