WATCH: Airstrip Attack LIVE! Ep 4 with Kyle Loftis of 1320video!

We’ve dropped our fourth episode of Airstrip Attack LIVE! where we chat about our first event of the season, Kansas Airstrip Attack, July 18-19, 2020. Then we have a solid sit down with the infamous Kyle Loftis of 1320video as we chat about his experience with Airstrip Attack and his experience running the biggest grassroots automotive media organization in the world

Here are the topics we discussed during Episode #004:

  • What to Expect COVID
  • Kansas Airstrip Attack Updates
  • Let’s Clear The Air
  • Ethanol Impacts
  • Around Independence
  • Kyle Loftis 1320!
  • Half Mile Racing
  • Growth
  • How is 1320 Still Relevant?
  • Business in the Streets
  • Travel
  • Upcoming Trends
  • The Aussies
  • Future of 1320

Huge thanks to our season sponsors whom without our season couldn’t happen: CSF Cooling, Garrett Advancing Motion, Pacific Sun Financial, Brixton Forged and Ignite Racing Fuel.

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