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Airstrip Attack is a half-mile racing series consisting of eight events in six states, borne from the idea that we all need a place to safely and legitimately push our cars to the limit. What started as raw, side-by-side heads-up racing has evolved into the largest, most profiled racing event series of its kind in the United States. The events cater not only to the fastest, most powerful street cars in the world, but also welcome stock and lightly modified vehicles to come out and participate as well.

Don't take our word for it. Here's what our participants say

"We love participating with Airstrip Attack events because they have the best venues and runways hands down. The event organizers also take great care of us."

"Airstrip Attack is an incredibly well organized event. They take great care of the drivers and sponsors."

"Airstrip Attack 1/2 mile races are events that we look forward to every year because of the laid back fun environment they facilitate. The Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack is still our favorite 1/2 mile in the world! We also appreciate that safety has always been an obvious top priority at the events, as it should be."

"I race with Airstrip Attack for many reasons. As one of the fastest RWD 1/2 mile cars in the world, yes I go to race, but Airstrip Attack weekends give me the opportunity to catch up with friends, shops, and vendors that I only get to see at these awesome events."

Let's Race!

Do you love speed?

Hell yes, and we do too! So much that we created an entire event series for it.

Want to street race your friends in a legal and safe environment?

Airstrip Attack was born from this concept.  What better place to race than a long and flat stretch of tarmac, with no worries about other vehicles or pedestrians, and it is completely legal!

Want to turn it up and see what your car can do?

Grab your friends, mechanics, and tuner and dial in your car in a safe environment.  Use our trap speed timing system to measure results as you continue to add modifications and make improvements to your car.

Want to race head-to-head and prove your worth?

Of course you do. It doesn’t get better than this.  Months of trash talking with friends or enemies can be resolved very quickly over a half-mile of racing surface. If you’re tired of all the talk, go head-to-head and let the results speak for themselves. 

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then Airstrip Attack is the venue!  Whether you are coming out to compete against yourself, your friends or your rivals, we have the venue for you to have an amazing time.  What’s next?



Check out our Participant guide for all things safety, rules & regulations.


find an event closest to you. Visit the schedule.


Register for your event on the event page.


Once registered, be sure to join us and the team at the official host hotel! Visit the Host Hotel Guide.


Join the official Airstrip Attack Facebook Group and let the trash talking begin!


Invite your friends and Stay up to date on all specific event happenings. Join the official Facebook Event Pages.



As a bonus we'll send you the ultimate airstrip attack photo pack with SOME OF the sickest photos ever produced at airstrip attack!

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Have questions? Check out our Participant FAQ! And if that doesn't answer all your questions, you can always email us.